UnrealBlogs Launched
February 10, 2008

DivisionCore announces the completion of our blog hosting platform: UnrealBlogs. UnrealBlogs.com is based off the FreeForums.org engine and part of our community package. The community package aims at providing all the tools and resources you need to build and grow your community.

HostingReviewers Live
November 11, 2007

DivisionCore is proud to announce the completion of the web hosting review site: HostingReviewers.com. HostingReviewers takes the guess work out of choosing a web host by offering detailed reviews, articles, and tips for picking the right one.

New site launched
September 29, 2007

We've finally launched the new and updated DivisionCore website! We hope we provide frequent news and updates regarding the various DivisionCore properties and services.

ImagePoster Acquisition
September 21, 2007

We're excited to announce the acquisition of the popular image uploading site: ImagePoster.com. ImagePoster will expand the DivisionCore suite of online services and extend our presence in online forums.